Tricia Appleton, M.D., SEP
Somatic Psychotherapy Atlanta/Decatur, GA
Tricia Appleton - Atlanta Psychiatrist & Psychotherapy

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I am happy to provide information about my therapy practice and myself. Finding the right therapist is key to effective growth and change through a professional relationship.

I am a psychotherapist kind of psychiatrist. Our inner experience directly impacts the external world, and psychotherapy is a way to change both for the better. In my general practice I work with adults.

Psychotherapy is self-exploration and change in the context of a healing professional therapy relationship that allows for the creation of a different experience. Accessing the inner wisdom and healing that lies within is a guiding principal for me. My style is eclectic, as I have incorporated what I have found most helpful from training in many types of psychotherapy.

My training in residency was psychodynamic (based on psychoanalytic principals, which is a theoretical background, but does not describe my style), as well as developmental. I have adopted a lot of what I have learned about experiential psychotherapy and the trauma model. Attachment theory, the study of how we develop in relationship, is of great interest to me.

I see emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual growth and healing as intimately interrelated. The consciousness regarding how we treat others, the earth, all creatures, and ourselves is changing, and my intention is to further this for the better through psychotherapy.

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